Loud & Clear

Lima Charlie is a military code meaning Loud & Clear. The idea is simple, our name needs to represent our values: rigor, quality and commitment.

Whether you need us for a big or smaller project, what matter is to deliver on time and with a smile on our faces.





Jean-Maxime Couillard

Passionate about digital creation, interactive programming and web development, Jean-Maxime Couillard explores with creativity new possibilities that new technologies offer him. He aims at developing greater experiences based on the user’s intuition.


Yann Beauregard-Lemay

Passionate by business development, Yann Beauregard-Lemay became over time an expert in finding innovative problem solving. He worked as a project manager for Vega Musique, M for Montreal, Rendez-vous du cinema québécois and Jutra where he had the opportunity to build creative partnerships with brands like Apple, American Apparel and Société de transport de Montréal.


Marc-Antoine Brodeur

Programmeur, développeur créatif et versatile, Marc-Antoine est un exemple de rigueur et de passion. Le respect des décisions prises en équipe est son mot d’ordre. Pour lui, il n’y a jamais de problème, il n’y a que des solutions.


Antoine Fortin

Young and passionnate, this developer knows how back-end works. 

Émilie Burelle

With many years of experiences, Emilie is a reliable front-end developer. Responsive has no secret for her.